In his renowned restaurant ‘Azurmendi’ in Biscay (Spain), 39-year-old top chef Eneko Atxa is always eager to express new ideas in a dish. By means of new cuisine techniques, he seeks to share the culinary memories of his childhood, the tradition of his land - the Basque Country, and the local products which inspire him, giving his customers an exceptional culinary experience. On this cinematic culinary journey, we also travel to Japan, one of the countries with the most Michelin stars, where gastronomy can become almost a mystical experience as it has always been closely related to history, traditions, culture and roots. Here Atxa meets legendary Jiro Ono, a 90-year-old sushi master, and visits some of the city’s most emblematic places, such as the Tsukiji fish market and the world’s most exclusive restaurant ‘Mibu’. Soul explores the secrets of gastronomy where two cuisines apparently so opposite in their philosophy, conception and experience, have both earned the highest culinary recognition, three Michelin stars.

Ángel Parra
José Antonio Blanco
Spain 2016

Spanish, Japanese, English, French

Documentary form

75 min · Colour · 4K DCP


Eneko Atxa
Jiro Ono


Written and directed by
Director of Photography
Sound Design
Production Manager
Executive Producers


Àngel Parra, José Antonio Blanco
Sergio de Uña
Tegaday Jimenez Cabrera
Tomas San Miguel
Alex F. Capilla
Victor Polo
Joseba Garmendia
Javier Pruaño, Pedro Peira

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Interview Eneko Atxa